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The experience of System Robot Automazione in the automation of wiring and assembly processes of lighting appliance components dates back to the far 1989 with original solutions, boasting lots of customized installations that have contributed in improving the quality and productivity of our customers worldwide.

Starting from the gained expertise and the suggestions stemming from Customers, today System Robot Automazione proposes a modular array of solutions, ranging from the single wiring station to the production line that can integrate the piece handling, the component construction, wiring, automatic testing, packaging and even more, through flexible systems that constantly provide efficiency and reliability.  

The applied technology allows the use of standard components, prearranged for the automatic wiring, with no brand limits.

This means that the customer can freely choose what components to use in its products, thus achieving flexibility and independency.

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Flexible and Simple, allow a future productive development with minimum interventions on the system. All SYSTEM ROBOT AUTOMAZIONE modular sol...
The know how and design capacity of System Robot Automazione has led, not only to the realisation of single working cell …